• Cellphones used by suspects and victims can be a rich source of information for law enforcement officers. Read our article about the power of cellphone forensics in Servamus: February 2017.

  • The possibility of finding digital evidence on crime scenes is a reality - investigators need to think out of the box when searching for, and seizing evidence, irrespective of the type of crime. Make sure you read the details on the when and how in Servamus: February 2017.

  • TASER Conducted Energy Weapons & Axon Body-worn Cameras: The type of equipment needed to transform law enforcers with less than lethal solutions. Read about the numerous benefits of using this equipment in Servamus: February 2017.

  • Do you have the best equipment to conduct your forensic analysis? Why don’t you refer to Servamus: February 2017 for some state-of-the-art options of what you need in the lab?

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Servamus - February 2017

"... if you are reading this then I am dead". This was the dramatic introduction of a letter that was found hidden underneath a carpet 13 years after it had been written.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Cellphones have become an integral part of both our personal and professional lives - to such an extent that many people feel lost without their phones.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Imagine a life without a cellphone or computer ... not having the ability to speak to your loved ones or send them a message via SMS or WhatsApp ... imagine the impact on your professional life.
By Annalise Kempen
In the early morning hours of a clear summer's day, a group of grass cutters stumble across the semi-naked body of a woman in the long grass.
By Kotie Geldenhuys

Pollex - February 2017

Read More - Nogwebele v Minister of Police and Another 2016 (2) SACR 662 (WCC)
This is a case in which Mr Nogwebele (the plaintiff) instituted a civil claim for damages (Afrikaans: “skadevergoeding”) against the Minister of Police (the first defendant), and the Director of Public Prosecutions (“DPP”) of the Western Cape Province (the second defendant) (collectively referred to as “the defendants”), before the High Court in Cape Town for unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution respectively.
VUYISA MGELE (hereinafter referred to as the “plaintiff” [Afrikaans: “eiser”]) v THE MINISTER OF POLICE (hereinafter referred to as first defendant), SAPS police official GETYEZA (hereinafter referred to as second defendant) and SAPS police official MALANGENI (hereinafter referred to as third defendant) (collectively referred to as “the defendants”) unreported Case No 1257/2011, 6 October 2015 (ECM)
Read More - S V Matshaba 2016 (2) SACR 651 (NWM)
8(a) In criminal proceedings in which the collection, receipt, custody, packing, marking, delivery or despatch of any fingerprint or body-print, article of clothing, specimen, bodily sample, crime scene sample, tissue (as defined in section 1 of the National Health Act 61 of 2003), or any object of whatever nature is relevant to the issue, a document purporting to be an affidavit made by a person who in that affidavit alleges –

Letters - February 2017

Your front page depicts images of “Gung-Ho” heavily armed police officers hanging on a police vehicle and, below, the title in big bold letters “Do we need an A-team to fight fraud & corruption in SA?”
As subscriber and ardent reader of Servamus, I’d like to thank you for the good message I received today. To be honest, I always read Servamus as I receive every month.
Sgt L Nel, patrol dog handler of Humansdorp K9 bought Quincy, a thorough-bred German shepherd which was black and tan in colour, and donated him to the SAPS.
February 2017 Magazine Cover

Servamus' Mission

The publication’s strategic business goals are to establish greater involvement and effective communication between the different role-players within the broader policing environment, publish a magazine which is aimed at satisfying/addressing the needs of the subscribers and broader community and to strive towards excellent journalism.