The reference supra is that of the widely publicised murder trial before the Port Elizabeth High Court in which Christopher Panayiotou and Sinethemba Nemembe were convicted of the murder of the late Ms Jayde Panayiotou who was the wife of Christopher. A further accused person namely Zolani Sibeko, was convicted of conspiracy (Afrikaans: “sameswering”) to the murder of Jayde.

What Pollex finds noteworthy (Afrikaans: "navolgenswaardig") the remark made by the court in paragraph [103] of its judgment, namely –

“[103] Before I conclude this judgment it behoves me to commend the investigation team for their meticulous [Afrikaans: ‘besondere nougesette’] efforts in unmasking Jayde’s murderers. The criticism directed at them and the prosecutor is unfounded”.

(Emphasis added and words in square brackets inserted by Pollex.)

Pollex loves to hear such comments coming from a trial court.