• SABRIC recently released its annual banking crime statistics. We inform you about the banking-related crimes that increased and decreased so that you can mitigate the risks. Read the article published in Servamus: August 2020 on p40 to p41.

  • Do you have a problem with gambling? We provide tips on how to identify if you have a problem; remind you about legal versus illegal gambling/betting and where to get help. Read the article published in Servamus: August 2020 on p50 to p53.

  • Chief Kenny Africa, also known as Mr 24-7 has served the road safety community for more than four decades. He retired on 31 July 2020. Read more about his passions, highlights and the message he has for young traffic officers in an article published in Servamus: August 2020 on p58 and p59.

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Over the years, many articles have been published about the Mounted Units and the FCS Units of the SAPS. The establishment of these units have brought major successes, created posts, resulted in members receiving praise, awards, work acknowledgment and being promoted. Some of the members remained at these units' working environment and have been promoted many a time (from sergeant to brigadier). Yet, little or nothing is known about the pioneers and researchers of these units whose idea it was to form these units. Taking their precious time, energy and own funds into consideration, despite hitting "brick walls" with negative reaction from higher authority, they continued to pursue their initiative, doing the research and submitting their findings and recommendations, but without receiving anything.

Mounted Unit
The leading researcher whose brainchild was the Mounted Unit, was W/O (ret) Mike Allan - a man with a passion and knowledge for/of animals, mainly for dogs and horses. He was a member of the Dog (K9) Unit, and I have known him since the late 1970s in the policing environment. He was serving at the Johannesburg and Soweto K9 Units while I was serving at the Public Order Policing Unit in Johannesburg and Soweto. In those years he constantly spoke about establishing a mounted unit in the police, possibly combined with dogs, doing urban/rural crime prevention operations. We rode horses on several occasions. I was transferred to Sophiatown Police Station where I became the head of what is now known as VISPOL. I was then in a position to assist him with his research, both practically and through observation over a few years. He finally submitted his report containing research, findings and recommendations. When this unit was born, he was never given a commander's post, but other members were brought in to lead and other members were given the glory and were promoted. W/O Allan's daughter is a serving captain in one of the units.

Child Protection/FCS Unit
In the early 1980s when I was a sergeant, I realised the need for a “rape crime unit” to deal with or specialise in the investigation of alleged rape crimes similar to the Murder and Robbery Squad, due to the technicality and sensitivity of these cases. I conducted my research and submitted my findings and recommendation into the establishment of such a specialised unit to higher authority at the SAP Head Office according to the police regulations. The response I received in writing in Afrikaans from a colonel was: “… thanks, but it will not work ...” Yet, only shortly thereafter I found that the first such a unit was established and operational in Pretoria as per my research/findings/ recommendations”. A while later more units were established and started operating countrywide, also to hear much later that a sergeant at the time of the birth of the unit, remained in the environment until retirement as a brigadier.

As stated above, we “the pioneers, researchers and correspondents” whose brain children these units were while investing our own time, funding and effort, received nothing.

If any consolation, we know we helped and will still be helping thousands of people in South Africa both in terms of the police and the public. We have left a legacy.

Lt-Col (ret) C R P O’Farrell PCF

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Servamus - August 2020

Over the last couple of years, far too many institutions and businesses in South Africa have taken on the unmistakable stench of moral rot. Corporate giants such as VBS Mutual Bank, Bosasa and Steinhoff have traded blue chip credibility for white-collar callousness.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
With tax season upon us, many people will again try not to pay the full share of what they owe the taxman in income taxes.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Let us be honest, many people have a love-hate relationship with insurance companies, often because they believe that they were not paid what was due to them after having submitted a claim.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
We all complain about the high costs of private healthcare and the monthly contributions we have to pay.
By Kotie Geldenhuys

Pollex - August 2020

Again the handing back of the firearm by the SAPS in a domestic violence-related relationship - S v N 2016 (2) SACR 436 (KZP);
Read More - S v Chinridze 2015 (1) SACR 364 (GP)
Introduction In terms of section 51, read together with Part I of Schedule 2 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 105 of 1997 (which provides for discretionary minimum sentences), an accused person who is convicted of rape in contravention of section 3 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007, and where the victim is, inter alia, a person under the age of 16 years or is a person who is mentally disabled as contemplated in section 1(1) of Act 32 of 2007, shall be sentenced to incarceration for life unless, of course, there are substantial and compelling circumstances which justify the imposition of a lesser sentence.
Read More - S v Mnguni 2014 (2) SACR 595 (GP)
Introduction According to section 1 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007, the phrase “person who is mentally disabled” means “a person affected by any mental disability, including any disorder or disability of the mind, to the extent that he or she, at the time of the alleged commission of the offence in question, was -
Read More - Mapodile v Minister of Correctional Services and Others 2016 (2) SACR 413 (GJ)
Mr Mapodile, the applicant in this matter, was serving a sentence in the Johannesburg Medium B Correctional Centre.

Letters - August 2020

Capt Aubrey Moopeloa, the corporate Communication Officer of Evaton SAPS, retired from the South African Police Service on 30 June 2020 after 32 years' service as a dedicated and loyal member.
I would like to suggest that, once COVID-19 is over, a plaque be made, dedicated to all SAPS members who faithfully executed their duties, in response to the call to duty, to serve and protect the people of South Africa during the global pandemic.
August Magazine Cover

Servamus' Mission

Servamus is a community-based safety and security magazine for both members of the community as well as safety and security practitioners with the aim of increasing knowledge and sharing information, dedicated to improving their expertise, professionalism and service delivery standards. It promotes sound crime management practices, freedom of speech, education, training, information sharing and a networking platform.